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Sticky Notes is a classical music podcast for everyone. Whether you are a beginner just looking to get into classical music but don't know where to start, or a seasoned musician interested in the lives and ideas of your fellow artists, this podcast is for you. The show features interviews with the top artists of today, in-depth looks at specific pieces from the repertoire, and more.

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Reviews and Testimonials:

“…This podcast has served to nourish my return and to stimulate deeper exploration of the classical genre. Especially this latest explication of both the structure, tonality, and even spirituality of Copland’s Appalachian Spring brought tears to my eyes. It helps me link the deepest realm of the heart with the classical expression and form. Thank you so very much.” - iTunes review

“Hi! I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful podcast! I have always liked classical music (I actually took some violin classes as a hobby for a short period of time) but never really knew how to get into the music I was listening. I always wanted to but didn't really know where to start!! And I love the idea that even though I'm studying something else it is something I can slowly start understanding. Thank you again and I'll keep on listening! Hugs from Argentina.” - Listener Email